The Bespoke Center is a state of the art multipurpose, fully air-conditioned entertainment center, equipped to host a wide range of events from birthday and wedding parties to world class concerts and shows.

The Bespoke Center is located right beside Auto Germaine, along Lekki Expressway in the upscale Lekki Peninsula Scheme of Lagos State. The location is visible, convenient, secured and privacy is guaranteed.

Bespoke Event Center offers the following unique services / facilities:

  • Three (3) state of the art halls:
    • Liberty Multipurpose Hall which can seat 720 - 760 (banquet style) and 1,200 (theatre style) people.
    • Maple Hall which seats 250 people
    • Jade Hall which seats 250 people
  • Outdoor open bar with ample space for any outdoor event.
  • Parking space for about 300 vehicles.
  • State of the art stage.
  • Multi-effects lights, perfect for all sizes of events, from small events to a world class musical concerts. Our indoor and outdoor state of the arts events lights and audio systems are currently second to none in Nigeria.
  • 30,000 surround digital sound system with expandable capacity.
  • Audiovisual recording suite padded for recording & video shoots.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with a premium event experience, relieving them of facility related concerns by providing them with a world class event facility, backed by an unbeatable level of service. Our byline says ‘Express Yourself’ and that is because the Bespoke Center is built to make every client find it possible to create and execute their peculiar events and activities within an atmosphere of poise and comfort. The Bespoke Center is truly BESPOKE!

The Center at a Glance

The Center has:

  • 3 halls of different sizes – The facility has a 1,200 - theatre style sitting hall, a 720-760 - banquet style sitting hall and two 200 sitter halls.
  • A sound proof multipurpose room – this room serves as an extension to the recording suite, it can also have TV recording sets incorporated into it, and multimedia conferences with zero tolerance noise interference could also be set up here. 
  • An audio visual suite for live recordings & editing – this suite is equipped with top of the range recording equipments for both digital and analog recordings; rehearsals by groups and individuals are also accommodated here.
  • Red carpet arena – this arena adds color and glamour to photo shoots of all sorts prior to or during events; it also serves as a descent mobile service point for drinks if that’s the event design.
  • Modern banquet chairs and tables – your comfort while your event is on is our utmost concern and that’s why we have taken time to invest in the best and comfortable furniture to make your events a memorable one.
  • Standby generators – we prioritize seamless operations within our facility; and so we ensure power is never interrupted, there are 2 main and 2 backup power generating sets to achieve this.
  • Well furnished changing rooms – we have 4 changing rooms available for your use and they are situated behind the stage area for easy accessibility into halls before events or if there will be need for several entries and exits within the same event.
  • A cold room – this is an added advantage to ensure your drinks are chilled right at the facility and hence they can arrive earlier before your event, thereby erasing the possibility of delivery failure by your drink vendors; this cold room can contain as much as 5,000 bottles of drinks at once, we also have outdoor chilling chests with a capacity to take up to 6,000 bottles as an extension.
  • An outdoor sports bar with large screens & a restaurant – this is an outdoor bar providing exotic and regular drinks ranging from wines, champagnes, spirits, beers soda etc.; a restaurant dishing Africana and Continental fast foods or better still finger foods; ample outdoor space to accommodate at least 500 people with 2 mega screen and several other plasma screen, its most ideal for a sports bar but any outdoor event can be executed here with our large capacity marquee to provide shade from nature if the need arises.

A few other facilities the Bespoke Center offers include; ushers, special security, cleaning and decoration of the venue. The center has partnerships with hotels within and around the island and the mainland of Lagos.

The Bespoke Center Offerings:

Corporate Events: Annual General Meetings, product launches, seminars, trainings, conferences, symposiums, corporate parties, award ceremonies, sports festivals, examinations etc

Private Events: Birthday parties, weddings, engagements, dedications, funeral receptions and any other private event.

Religious Programmes: Religious services, including mid-week or all night services as well as any other special programmes or events

Entertainment: Cinema viewing, movie premieres, Night clubbing, reality shows, comedy shows, talk shows, stage plays, concerts, fashion shows, raves and campus club parties